This Ministry shall

a.  assist the congregation council in seeing that the services of God’s house are conducted regularly and in accordance with the liturgy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

b.  see that competent ushers, acolytes, and crucifers, are recruited and trained.

c.  see that hymnals and other devotional materials are provided and properly cared for. 

d.  supervise, and strive to advance the welfare and effective service of, the choirs of the congregation. 

e.  arrange for the care of paraments, vestments and musical instruments and,

f.   in consultation with the pastor, the organist and choir director(s), it shall furnish music supplies appropriate for the use in worship of the congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


This Ministry shall

a.  encourage and lead all disciples of the congregation into faithful action to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in our communities.

b.  encourage the congregation to embrace evangelism as part of all its ministries, teams, and community life.

c.  devote itself to deepening spiritual life of the congregation.

d.  continually study the congregation in the context of its surrounding community.


This Ministry shall

a.  evoke the expression of Stewardship as trusting in God's promises, which promote faithful giving of our talents, spiritual gifts, time, money.

b.  expand the understanding of stewardship as a wholistic approach to life in God's creation.

c.  diffuse knowledge of the congregation’s local, national and world-wide ministries.

d.  lead all disciples to continue to grow in trust. 


This Ministry shall

a.  see to the proper maintenance and protection of all property of the congregation,  

b.  supervise and coordinate the use of the facilities by all groups using the facility

c.  be responsible for all aspects of facility usage, including but not limited to negotiations, oversight and management with recommendations made to the congregation council.


There shall be a Retreat Center Team, which shall be a secondary team of the Property Team.  This Ministry shall

a.  coordinate its activities with the property team leader.

b.  actively promote the Retreat Center.

c.  write, apply, and update retreat center policies and procedures including a mission statement.

d.  coordinate check in, checkout, and cleaning with the office manager.

e.  develop and maintain a schedule of personnel to:

     1. Check in/checkout groups

     2.  Arrange for cleaning following each use, independent of the congregation's sexton's responsibilities.

f.  when applicable, submit an annual budget to the Finance Team.


Fellowship Ministry which shall be a secondary team of Church Property Ministry.

This Ministry shall

                       a.  coordinate its activities with the Property Team.

                       b.  oversee and coordinate all Fellowship functions of the congregation.

                       c.  Fellowship functions shall be defined as any event where a

                           gathering including members of the congregation would require

                           seating arrangements, the providing or arrangement of food or

                           refreshments, or any similar related task, where on site at the

                           church or off site in the community.                    


This Ministry shall

a.  prepare a draft budget for the succeeding year, including this congregation’s full indicated share in support of the wider ministry being carried on in its behalf by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the synod,

b.  submit such draft budget to the congregation council for its action and later presentation to the congregation meeting. 

c.  exercise oversight of all the financial affairs of the congregation to make sure that they are being conducted efficiently, giving particular attention to the prompt payment of all obligations and to the regular forwarding of benevolence monies to the synodical treasurer. 

Any fundraising activities of this congregation must first be brought before the congregation council for approval before the event takes place.  Monies must be designated at the time of request for approval.


This Ministry shall

a.  in association with the pastor, shall oversee the conduct, activities, and all educational endeavors within the congregation.

b.  encourage the use of teaching and worship materials published or approved by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America,

c.  introduce the church’s periodicals and books of family devotion into the homes of the congregation. 

d.  bring the call to the ministry of the Gospel and other full-time church vocations to the attention of qualified youth of the congregation. 

e. organize a secondary team to promote ministry with youth,


This Ministry shall

a.  extend the Christian compassion to all in need.

b.  encourage the disciples of the congregation and its ministry teams to reach out into the community. 

c.  as the light of Christ i the world, called to heal human brokenness, we study socila conditions, primarily in the local community, to identify need, engage in honest dialogue, and create healthy change through: acceptance, action, and education.


There shall be a Relief Ministry Team, which shall be a secondary team of the Outreach Team, consisting of the pastor(s) and no more than 4 members of the congregation.  The Ministry shall:

a.  be appointed by council

b.  be eligible for re-appointment 

c.  be responsible for allocating disbursements from the Relief Fund

d.  report to the council on how funds were disbursed without disclosing names of recipients.

                            ACTIVE OUTREACH MINISTRIES

Blanket Ministry

The women of our congregation and our community make lap robes.  They knit, crochet and quilt them.  We send these lap robes to the hospital in Afghanistan for our wounded military. 

Homeless Ministry

Our ministry for the homeless encompasses several aspects.

We work with the Chapman Partners for the Homeless shelter.

In the late Summer, we collect school supplies for the children to start school.

For Valentine's Day, we collect valentines for the children to distribute at school.


Lutheran World Hunger

Where to find us:

St. Andrew's Lutheran Church
1955 N. Krome Avenue
Homestead, FL 33030

Phone: (305) 247-6544

Fax:  (305) 247-6544





St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in Homestead




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